Orchids in Paradise! Posted on 13 May 11:00

Orchids are stunning and exotic and conjure up images of a tropical paradise with warm ocean breezes and serene blue waters. They come in a variety of explosive colors those so many to choose from!

Orchids work well either alone, or mixed with other flowers. Use orchids for beautiful bridal bouquets, lucky bridesmaids and in centerpieces or table accents. A single orchid flower makes a stunning boutonniere or corsage that is sturdy enough to hold up through the entire wedding day.

Orange Yellow and Purple OrchidsDendrobium Orchids (Orange and Yellow)

Also known as Singapore orchids. These orchids have the smallest flower when compared to the other two varieties. They come in a good range of natural colors such as purple, yellow, orange, white and also available in stem dyed colors like blue. They are pretty and delicate look at but can also be exotic and tropical. If you would like to have a blue orchid wedding bouquet then blue dendrobium orchids would be the ideal choice.

Phalanenopsis Orchides (Purple)

Also known as moth orchids. The flowers are large and flat. These look beautiful when used in cascading bouquets. They can also be teamed with other orchid types such as the dendrobium orchids. Colors include white and purple and pink. They are modern and elegant.

 White and Pink OrchidsCymbidium Orchids

These orchids are quite hardy and will last well throughout the day. They work well in wired bouquets. Available in a large range of colors including white, green, pink, burgundy and cream.

Cymbidium Orchids (Fuschia/Hot Pink) - For those who love classic and those who love lavender, there is nothing more fitting to dress up any home than this hot pink orchid. Exquisitely graceful flowers are produced on tall spikes, cascading gently for the ultimate in presentation.

Green and Blue Orchids

Cymbidium Orchids (Green) - Green cymbidium orchids are perhaps the epitome of exceptional and luxurious wedding flowers. Green orchid flowers are unique in providing green hues to a complimenting color scheme, while remaining distinctly 'floral' rather than leafy looking.

Cymbidium Orchids (Blue) - This unique electric blue orchid adds elegance and class to any wedding. One of this years newest and most sought-after colors.