Batty Oreo Cupcakes

Batty Oreo Cupcakes Recipe

Source: from TodaysParent | recipe from Kristyn

These adorable cupcakes will get your family into the Halloween spirit in no time. Just wait until your little one takes a bite and sees what’s in the middle: The bat isn’t the only surprise.

Ready in 20 minutes | Serves: 1


1 pre-made cupcake with white frosting

Orange decorative Halloween cupcake liner

1 Oreo cookies

2 Mini Oreo cookies

White chocolate chip

2 brown M&M Minis candies



And now the fun part, making the Batty Oreo Cookie topper. NOTE: we’ll show you how to make ONE topper. 


Step 1: Separate all the cookies into biscuit and cream halves. Cut the large biscuit in half for the wings. Cut the small biscuit in half for the ears. Cut chocolate chip in half for the fangs.

Batty Oreo Cupcake Step 2 

Step 2: Press the candies onto the small cream halves as eyes. Press the ears onto the cream side of the large biscuit.

Batty Oreo Cupcakes Recipe Step 3


Step 3: Flip the large biscuit over and attach the eyes and fangs with icing. Place bat on a frosted cupcake; prop up the bat’s body from behind with remaining mini cookies. Add wings beside the body.