A Life for Brian - Website Update 29-10-2018

$ 35.00

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This is invoice for Carol Cooper. Below defines scope of project. Full payment due prior to any work commencing. Duration of this sprint 5 to 7 days.


1. Donna Waag Donation
    (a) Obtain Paparazzi logo and resize to fit for website
    (b) Put logo under "Our Sponsor" page right after John Johnson logo
    (c) Link Paparazzi logo to URL =   www.paparazziaccessories.com/184297

2. Serenity logo
    (a) Go to Home Page, scroll to "connect" section
    (b) Remove logo and reorganize remaining logo on horizontal line

3. SoberLivingGift.org
    (a) Carol to give me brief summary of what this is
    (b) Create and size to fit a banner to fit either in the Hero Image slider or as a stand along banner
    (c) Link to URL = soberlivinggift.org ($/)