Anniversary Party Gift Hot Apple Cider Packet Pouch Favors

$ 1.65

Give your guests a chance to mix up a golden-sweet treat with LMK Gifts’ one-of-a-kind personalized ANNIVERSARY Hot Apple Cider Pouch Favors!

They're the perfect addition to guests' pantries for a quick, fun and easy-to-make beverage to be sipped and enjoyed on any lazy afternoon, bringing back memories of the special day on which they were received.

Each favor contains one single serving of pre-sealed Apple Cider mix complete with directions on how to prepare. We place each apple cider pouch in one of our beautifully designed beverage wraps.

Color scheme of the pouch design will coordinate with the Anniversary Year you are celebrating. For example 40th Anniversary will be a Red/Burgundy color, 25th or Silver Anniversary would be a Silver color, and 50th or Golden Anniversary would be a golden color. Includes printing of couples names and date of anniversary.

Finished size is 4 1/4 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches high. The perfect sweet ending to a perfect day!