Autumn Fall Leaf Wedding Vintage Save the Date Magnets

$ 1.49

LMK Gifts introduces its exclusively designed and personalized AUTUMN FALL Country Chic Rustic Save the Date Magnets! Wedding save the date magnets are great and practical keepsakes. Ideally placed on the refrigerator or metal furniture or door, it is a pleasant reminder that a special event is coming up.

Our AUTUMN WEDDING Save the Date Cards are the essential first steps to planning your big day. Your guests will appreciate the heads-up, you'll have first dibs on guests who know other brides getting married on the same day, and it's a great way to get everyone excited about your wedding. Plus, you'll be setting the stage on creating the perfect color scheme, theme and tone for the rest of your wedding.

Timing is everything so you will want to send your RUSTIC FALL Save the Date magnets about 6 months before the big day.

We have lot's of wonderful designs to fit any style and mood including Country Chic, Carved Tree, Autumn Leaves, Carved in Love, Rustic Charm, Burlap and Lace or Vintage Fall. Each classic style COUNTRY FALL Save the Date magnets features your choice of AUTUMN FALL graphic image set against your choice of border. Your beautiful COUNTRY CHIC Save the Date magnets can be purchased alone (each would be wrapped in a clear cellophane bag) or with a Holder and Plain White Envelope. Magnet holders are available to hold your magnet in place in the envelope so that is doesn't move around during shipment.

Our VINTAGE FALL magnets measure 2 inches by 3 1/2 inches, the presentation cards measure 4 1/4 inches by 5 1/2 inches and the envelopes measure 4 3/8 inches by 5 3/8 inches.

LMK Gifts personalized COUNTRY FALL CHIC AUTUMN VINTAGE Save the Date Magnets are the perfect tease for the next step... your invitation!