Easter Egg Bunny Basket Caramel Corn Favors

$ 2.99

Give your friends and family a sweet treat! Introducing our delicious and personalized EASTER EGG BASKET BUNNY Party Caramel Corn favor.

Fresh, tasty, and bursting with seasonal sweetness, our personalized EASTER PARTY Caramel Corn favors will leave your guests with yummy memories of this special time of year.

Each personalized EASTER BUNNY favor comes with 1 cup of fresh, irresistible caramel corn placed in a crystal clear resealable pouch. Then we elegantly drape each pouch with two satin ribbons of varying widths and finally we finish with a cardstock favor tag personalized with whatever wording you like it to read. Finished size is approximately 4 inches by 5 inches. 

LMK Gifts personalized EASTER EGG Party Caramel Corn favors are fabulous, delicious treats that is sure to be a hit at any time of the year. The first bite will lead to many more!