St. Patrick's Day Party Candy Shoppe Favor Boxes

$ 1.49

LMK Gifts introduces our exclusively designed ST. PATRICK'S DAY Candy Shoppe favor boxes bags. A delightful and creative way to give your guests delicious edible favors that looks like it came from your own personal candy factory!

Each ST. PATRICK'S DAY Favor Box Bag includes one personalized large favor tag and 1 stick-on satin bow. Our favor boxes are packed flat and bow and large favor tag is packed in separate cellophane bags to keep flat during shipping. Personalization includes printing of names, type of event, and date of event. Simple assembly required.

Fill your boxes with your own homemade goodies, candies, soaps, candles, lottery tickets or any other treat of your choice to make this favor truly one of a kind for your wedding.

Each box measures 5 ¾ inches tall by 3 ½ inches” wide with a gold iridescent finish for a beautiful pearlized shimmer and a distinctive scalloped edged front flap. 

LMK Gifts personalized ST. PATRICK'S DAY Candy Favor Boxes are a delicious and affordable way to celebrate your special day!